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encyclopedia of television the museum of broadcast - horace newcomb phd editor the most definitive resource on the history of television worldwide library journal with more than 1 000 original, children s televison encyclopedia of greater philadelphia - local children s programming in the philadelphia area flourished during the golden age of television from the rise of commercial broadcasting, encyclopedia of law enforcement world encyclopedia of law - the wiky legal encyclopedia covers legislation case law regulations and doctrine in the united states europe asia south america africa uk australia, list of fictional television shows wikipedia - below is a list of fictional television shows an early example of the show within a show format was the jack benny program which had been popular on radio, gunsmoke television academy interviews - gunsmoke america s longest running television western aired on cbs from 1955 75 in 1956 its second season on the air the series entered the list of, gail davis 1925 1997 encyclopedia of arkansas - gail davis was an arkansas born actress who starred as the legendary sharpshooter in the groundbreaking tv western series annie oakley which ran from 1954