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magnetoresistive random access memory wikipedia - description unlike conventional ram chip technologies data in mram is not stored as electric charge or current flows but by magnetic storage elements, non volatile random access memory wikipedia - non volatile random access memory nvram is random access memory that retains its information when power is turned off this is in contrast to dynamic, ram computing britannica com - unit cpu main memory or random access memory ram and peripherals the last class encompasses all sorts of input and output i o devices, fm24v10 1 mbit 128k x 8 serial i2c f ram - functional overview the fm24v10 is a 1 mbit nonvolatile memory employing an advanced ferroelectric process a ferroelectric random access memory or f ram, hyperbus specification low signal count high performance - hyperbus products use the high performance hyperbus to connect between a host system master and one or more slave interfaces hyperbus is used to, high performance memories for embedded systems - cypress offers our customers the highest performance and reliability nor flash nand flash sram nvsram and f ram with discrete memory densities ranging, why do memories have those odd names the memory guy - from time to time i am asked why is nand flash called nand or why do we say ram and similar questions a lot of this has to do with history, parallel nor flash memory china cypress com - cypress parallel nor flash is designed to provide fast random access read making it ideal for xip functionality in high performance embedded systems, serial nor flash memory korea cypress com - cypress offers the industry s highest performance most secure low pin count serial nor flash memory solutions for your embedded systems, electrochemical processes at the nanoscale from - the electrochemical reactions triggering resistive switching in conductive bridge resistive random access memory cbram are spatially confined in few tens, computing at columbia timeline - this document gives a chronology of computing at columbia university as best i can piece it together written mainly in jan feb 2001 updated periodically